inn 2.4.1 corrupt active file

Russ Allbery rra at
Sat Mar 27 17:31:37 UTC 2004

Bruce Rodger <Bruce.Rodger at> writes:

> one of these 4 systems has started crashing regularly, with bad active
> file entries. The other 3 don't see this problem.

> eg

> [ID 373606 news.crit] SERVER bad_active\3400000009923 0000008684 m fj.mail.lists 0000003258 ......
> [ID 373606 news.crit] SERVER bad_active fl.config 0000000645\3400000000600 y fl.environment 0000000098 0000000087 m fl.......
> [ID 373606 news.crit] SERVER bad_active humanityquest.perseverance 0000000026 0000000007\340y humanityquest.pessimism 0......

> Notice the \340 in each line, and that sometimes 2 lines have become
> appended.

Once you fix them, does the problem keep coming back?

If so, the most likely problem is that you've got bad memory in that
system, with a distant second possibility of a bad disk.  I'm pretty sure
there's no way for a software bug to cause this, particularly since you
have four identical systems and you're only seeing it on one.  I've seen
data corruption like this from bad memory before.

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