How do I seperated innd and nnrpd in different ports.

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Eugene Y Jen <eugene at> writes:

> Any one know how to separated innd port and nnrpd port to different port
> number? Where is the document so I know which configuration to change?

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Subject: 6.11. Run innd and nnrpd on separate ports

Originally, innd was designed to handle all incoming connections and hand
them off to nnrpd as appropriate.  It is, however, becoming increasingly
common to run innd and nnrpd on separate ports for a variety of reasons,
such as wanting to handle connections to nnrpd with a smart network
connection handling daemon like xinetd that can do things like rate
limiting of connections.  INN does support this configuration, but be
warned that since you need to run nnrpd on port 119 for most reader
clients to be able to find it, you'll need to tell all of your news peers
to use a different port to feed you news.

The recommended alternate port for innd transit-only connections is port
433, which has been reserved for that purpose.  If you want to use some
low-numbered port (less than 1024) other than 119 or 433 for innd, you
will need to build INN with the --with-innd-port option specifying that

Now, set port in inn.conf to the port you want to run innd on and add
noreader: true (so that innd will never attempt to hand connections off to
nnrpd).  Then, restart INN.  It will now be listening on the new port.
You should now set up nnrpd to run via of xinetd, inetd, tcpserver, or
some other similar network connection handling daemon on port 119.  Make
sure that nnrpd is run as the news user, not as root.  You don't have to
pass any arguments to nnrpd (unless you want to).

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