Slow expireover

Mike Zanker mike-sender-6677e0 at
Mon May 17 05:41:33 UTC 2004


I'm using an old Sun Ultra 10 as a reader box for a handful of users. 
Performance is fine for reading (provided that nnrpdcheckart is set to 
false otherwise XOVER takes ages).

The only problem is that expireover is taking a long, long time - 
nearly two hours already:

expireover start Mon May 17 03:01:08 BST 2004: ( 
-z/usr/local/news/log/expire.rm -Z/usr/local/news/log/expire.lowmark)
    Article lines processed  1026416
    Articles dropped             169
    Overview index dropped       169
expireover end Mon May 17 04:48:14 BST 2004

ovmethod is tradindexed and the article spool is timehash. It's a new 
setup that has only been running for about a week - I intend to keep 14 
days of articles.

Is there anything I can tweak to make this run faster?

Thanks in advance,

Mike Zanker
Northampton, UK
PGP Public Key from pgp at

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