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Sun May 23 22:35:29 UTC 2004

Christoph Biedl <cbiedl at> writes:

> You see that this is an old topic for me but I cannot reproduce it in
> 2.4.x now - in 2.3.2 (Debian stable) the problem exists if the header is
> "References:" or "Subject:", however a test article will pass with an
> very long "X-Something:" header.

Yeah, this was fixed in 2.4.  2.3 would check any "system" header to make
sure that the total length wasn't longer than MAXHEADERSIZE.

>> Where is it being used for the logical header length?  The logical
>> header length should be completely unlimited.

> Hm, this could become an interesting method to transmit binaries in
> non-binary groups then.

This is true.  This would be a good thing for filtering programs like
Cleanfeed to take into account, I expect.  (The protocol allows for the
References header to be of effectively unlimited length.)

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