Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Sun May 23 23:24:24 UTC 2004

Russ Allbery wrote...

> Christoph Biedl <cbiedl at> writes:
> >> The logical header length should be completely unlimited.
> > Hm, this could become an interesting method to transmit binaries in
> > non-binary groups then.
> This is true.  This would be a good thing for filtering programs like
> Cleanfeed to take into account, I expect.

It seems to me that a perl filter cannot access the entire header anyway.
Can we have '$hdr{__HEADER__}'?
The cleanfeed list deserves some traffic anyway but there's no need
to hurry as long as no evildoer has discovered this method to do harm.

> (The protocol allows for the
> References header to be of effectively unlimited length.)

Too bad, since I can hardly think that a header requires even 1k.
Unfortunately there are too many b0rken newsreaders out there that
do not trim the References: header.
But that was a good idea to delay USEFOR for another five years:
Propose a fixed upper limit for an article header, a single one and/or the
entire header *duck&run*


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