Mailpost and crosspost

Jeffrey M. Vinocur jeff at
Mon May 24 18:01:46 UTC 2004

On Mon, 24 May 2004, Mailing Manager wrote:

>  thsi should happne, but regardin gth eparameters that i can setup, actually
> i can't change nothing of the system, because the system is working well!

I don't want you to change anything.

I want to see the logs.  You still haven't shown me the logs I am looking 

> So starting form the mailpost configuration wher i have -c XXX, 60 for th
> efirst, and -c YYY, 350 for the second, i can't imagine that a mail arriving
> before or after is the problem!

By the way, it doesn't make much sense to use different values for XXX and 
YYY.  After all, there's no guarantee which one will arrive first.

> YEs, but it is a normal things!!!
> The time between the dot of mail, and the rcp to deliver of the same mail,
> could change larger for any reason!!

I don't understand this.

> > Does that make sense to you?
> Yes, but it is not normal for any system NOT REAL TIME!!!

Many systems are not real time.  We are trying to understand how your 
system works.  I can't help you without more information.

> The message start , liek you can imagine, at the same time, then in the
> middle of the delivery the amavisd scan the message, and after this scan the
> delivery occur, with  the mailpost -c time.

Can you show me everything in the INN logs ($pathlog/news and 
$pathlog/news.notice) starting from just before the *original* email is 
sent, until after the second copy of the message is rejected?  This should 
*include* some information about the first copy of the message as well.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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