can't post without overview enabled?

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon May 24 23:14:16 UTC 2004

Anne Wilson <anne at> writes:

> The machines in my news network are basically relay machines, but each
> one does post statistics every five minutes.  Because some of my
> machines can't handle the load, I've tried to turn off the overview by
> setting enableoverview to false and noreaders to true in inn.conf.  The
> problem, however, is that now those machines can't post their statistics
> - inews says "you do not have permission to post".  I've tried listing
> them in incoming.conf (as per the inn.conf man page) but that doesn't
> seem to make a difference.

Can your statistics program post via IHAVE instead of via inews itself?
If it's written in Perl, the Net::NNTP module knows how to do this.

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