Mailpost and crosspost

Mailing Manager mailing at
Tue May 25 06:45:46 UTC 2004

On Mon, May 24, 2004 at 05:29:01PM -0400, Jeffrey M. Vinocur wrote:
> On Mon, 24 May 2004, Mailing Manager wrote:
> That's really interesting.  It's looking to me like perhaps Postfix blocks
> on processing other recipients until the program spawned via "pipe"  
> returns.

IT is possible to avoid high load on machine that use expensive delivery
agent, like i've readed...

> I unfortunately don't know anything about Postfix, but if you find an 
> appropriate Postfix forum and ask them how to get two copies of mailpost 
> spawned near-simultaneously for multiple recipients of the same message, 
> hopefully someone will be able to help you.

This is what i'm afraid of, don you think it si possbile to force mailpost
to remember something , and bypass the possible time oput of MTA,LDA and so
Postfix is correctly confoigured with a
local_destination_concurrency_limit=20, but the system attempt to wait.
I can consider this a problem or a feature, but it was never a problem until
i setuped mailpost.
SO, if mailpsot have this *limit* do you know another mailtonews program
that will help me, without changing the wheel driving?


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