CNFS-sm: CNFSinitdisks ... invalid argument.

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Sat Nov 13 00:24:22 UTC 2004

In article <1100298538.22231.28.camel at>,
Brendon Colby  <bren at> wrote:
>I've searched for a solution to this for over an hour. I have two
>partitions to use as raw CNFS devices. System is Debian Woody with 2.6.9
>kernel running inn 2.3.2.
>Nov 12 16:19:27 news innfeed[1914]: CNFS-sm: CNFSinitdisks: mmap
>for /var/spool/news/cycbuffs/c0d0p10 offset 0 len -49152 failed: Invalid

Did you configure and compile INN with large file support ?
(configure --enable-largefiles)

BTW, INN with CNFS appears to work better if you run it on a
file rather than on a partition - pagecache buffering under Linux
appears to be smoother than going through the buffercache.

As a workaround you can use ,
a mini-filesystem that shows a disk device as a single large file.


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