Binary in non-binary group

Nigel Telles ntelles at
Wed Nov 17 17:19:18 UTC 2004

>	437 Binary in non-binary group

Thanks to all those that helped.
Here's the Solution to my problem for anyone else:- ( Posting with
attachments )
1) check the faq for inn you are using is the Latest.....My it
does mention this problem. (section 4.5)
2) man cleanfeed.............check sections on block_binaries and
3) next edit /etc/news/cleanfeed.conf goto section block_binaries => 1
(default set to 1).
Change this to 0

Finally restart innd to make changes effective.

I have decided to allow binaries in all newsgroups as my server is on local
network. If you need to be selective you will need to look at bin_allowed
setting as well. As this could cause overheads bandwidth restrictions etc
when posting to many newsgroups with large attachments.


Nigel Telles 

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