INN configuration

Mahmoud Al Gammal mahmoudfg at
Sun Nov 21 11:05:50 UTC 2004

Hi everybody...
I'm trying to configure INN and I've been reading all sorts of 
documentation for hours now, but I haven't yet succeeded in getting it 
up & running.

I want to use INN for local groups only. People will access the server 
from its LAN as well external networks. Currently I'm not able to 
access it even from the LAN, I always get: 502 You have no permission 
to talk.  Goodbye. I can only access it by tlenet'ting to

I have readers.conf configured like this:

auth "LAN" {
    hosts: ""
    default: "<LAN>"

# Grant that specific identity access to read and post to any newsgroup
# and allow it to post articles with Approved: headers to moderated
# groups.

access "LAN" {
    users: "<LAN>"
    newsgroups: "*"
    access: RPA

Any idea what I should do?


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