Innd and ldap

Dominik Klein Dominik.Klein at
Thu Nov 25 11:55:28 UTC 2004

Hello list,

this topic has been partly discussed a lot of times but I cannot find 
definite answers on which lines have to go where.

I would want local users to be able to access all groups without giving 
a password. They are authenticated via IP:

According to the documentation, this should do and apparently works fine:

auth "feu" {
     hosts: ", *"
     default: "username"
     default-domain: ""

access "feu" {
     users: "*"
     newsgroups: "*,!junk"

So all users with a "foreign" IP-Adress shall have to authenticate 
themselves against an LDAP Server. This would happen (according to my 
enquiry) through PAM.

I would be really glad if someone could tell me how to get this done. I 
read INSTALL and readers.conf Manpage. I did a lot of google but could 
not get an answer.

Where can I tell PAM which LDAP server to contact? Or do I have to tell 
that to INN?
What has to be put in readers.conf for that?

Thank you.

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