Article archival questions

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Mon Nov 29 06:12:07 UTC 2004

divya at wrote...

> What I would like to do is to just feed all articles from a given
> hierarchy from one server to another. So, for example, how can I take all
> the articles that exist under comp.lang.* and feed them to another server?
> Ideas?

If your overview is tradindexed: Get the Message-IDs of the articles
from the according .DAT file using <awk -F"\t" '{print $5}'>. Pipe the
resulting lines through "grephistory -s" and innxmit the tokens.

If your spool is tradspool: Take the files in the according groups and
rnews them. If you have a huge amount of articles to transmit bundling
them into larger files will increase performance drastically although I
don't know whether there's a tool for that, I use a few lines perl or
shell for that.

Drawback of both methods: Articles are not transmitted in the order as
they have been received.

If you cannot stand this, you'd have to prepare for this situation long
before. The following entry for the newsfeeds file:

| # keep a list of where the articles went to
| newsgroups\
|         :*\
|         :Tf,WtmNb:

creates outgoing/newsgroups which has to be rotated on a regular base
using a daily cron job like

| #!/bin/sh
| mv $HOME/spool/outgoing/newsgroups $HOME/log/articles.`date +%d`
| /opt/news/reader/bin/ctlinnd flush newsgroups >/dev/null

If you wish to re-feed sub-hierarchies you can grep for the Message-IDs
in the according files and also limit this to a certain time window.
After that grephistory and innxmit as above.


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