Articles not showing up

Jally jahilliya at
Fri Oct 8 06:38:33 UTC 2004

I'm currently having a problem where in some newsreaders articles
aren't showing up until a lot later than in others.

I have used GNUS, Pan, and Mozilla News, and Outlook as readers.

I have tried retrieving the entire list of messages in each news
reader, by unsubscribing and then subscribing to the newsgroup, also
by downloading new headers as well as trying to download every header
for the group.

What seems to be happening is with Outlook and Pan they only retrieve
some headers, but I havn't had any problems with GNUS.

So, what I would like to know is where I should start looking to
determine if the problem is client end or server end.

I am running INN-2.4.0

I would like to point out that this is only happening with certain
news readers, again I'll restate that I can see messages in GNUS that
aren't showing up in other readers until a week later at times, even
after resetting up the newsreaders, resubscribing to groups and
downloading every header instead of just new ones.


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