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In line

(By the way - is there a problem with usernames nad passwords containing
spaces, or is it standard inn policy not to parse them properly? By the time
they get to my perl auth hook - they are broken at the first space)

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> On Oct 10, 2004, at 5:37 PM, Justin Harrison wrote:
> > I've got a perl access hook that returns "read: ", and
> "post: ". For
> > read only groups that the user has access to, it returns
> them only in
> > "read: ",
> > but not in "post: ". The client never receives the newsgroup in 
> > newsgroup lists, however. How do I return a read only
> newsgroup in a
> > perl access hook?
> This is strange.  What you are doing sounds correct.
> Does your client see other groups (e.g. those listed in both
> read: and post:)?

Yes. It only sees the ones listed in read: and post:. I haven't tested just
listing something in post, but I'd imagine by design that doesn't work too
> > Readers seem to connect first unauthenticated when they try to get 
> > newsgroup lists. I was originally returning reject in the access 
> > hook if the user was unauthenticated, but this caused no readers to 
> > be able to
> connect. If I
> > return some nonsense, like "read: ", and "post: ", to some
> group that
> > doesn't exist - the clients later try to actually authenticate, and 
> > then get a proper list. Can anyone explain this behavior?
> Bother.  This would be really easy if we'd designed perl_access 
> slightly differently.

I've resorted to returning:

Read: !*
Post: !*

Then the clients seem to authenticate...I couldn't find many details on how
or why that works.
> Erik, are you here?  I don't know that I can answer this question 
> without looking at the code.

Thanks a lot,

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