Make old articles reappear in recreated NG

Felix E. Klee felix.klee at
Mon Oct 18 01:22:18 UTC 2004

On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 18:57:07 -0400 Jeffrey M.Vinocur wrote:
> > when I delete a NG and later recreate it, the old articles do not
> > reappear.  Furthermore leftover old articles in the spool directory
> > block posting of new articles.
> Yes, this is a known behavior of the tradspool storage method.

Hm, tradspool.  I didn't yet consider changing spool methods.  However,
for the time being, I guess we should stay with tradspool.  All in all,
this method seems to be just right for our purposes (gatewaying NG
to/from ML with INN and Mailman hosted on a single machine).

> > To make the old articles reappear (I prefer not to delete them),
> In that case, why are you deleting the group in the first place?  
> Perhaps you'd be better served by using readers.conf to hide the group 
> for readers?  But anyway...

Shortly after writing my original message I decided to simply set groups
to mode "n" and automatically post a message to the news group stating
that it is closed.  This is also good for users that want to continue
reading old articles in the group.  If the group is really to be
deleted, the administrator may later do so manually or with the help of
another script (not an issue at the moment).

> > Now my question: Do I really need to recreate the entire overview
> > database to make the messages reappear?  Isn't there a simpler,
> > quicker, or more elegant way?
> In recent versions of INN, you can use tdx-util to rebuild the overview 
> for a single group.  This should serve you well.

Good to know.  Thanks for pointing me to this script.


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