CNFS buffers out of date with overview???

Christopher Jay Manders CJManders at
Mon Oct 18 15:02:48 UTC 2004

Hi everyone,

I have been having this issue where apparently my CNFS buffers expire 
before the overview and history are expired, causing articles/groups to 
*appear* to be available, but then subsequently not be there.

This happens at two levels:
- In my newsreader I go to look at groups and some groups say there are 
new articles (with a number of new articles), but when I select the news 
group there is nothing there! Not even one article at all period.

- In the second case, the group shows a number of new articles, and the 
articles do indeed *appear* to be there (at least the subject and header 
parts) but when the article is selected, it states:
newsgroup server responded:*Bad article number*

Perhaps the article has expired



Is there a simple way to fix this?



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