CNFS buffers out of date with overview???

Jeffrey M.Vinocur jeff at
Mon Oct 18 22:00:39 UTC 2004

On Oct 18, 2004, at 11:02 AM, Christopher Jay Manders wrote:

> I have been having this issue where apparently my CNFS buffers expire
> before the overview and history are expired, causing articles/groups to
> *appear* to be available, but then subsequently not be there.

Well, this isn't broken, exactly.  I mean, the nature of CNFS is that 
the articles stay around as long or short as necessary.  The default 
configuration is to never expire CNFS articles per expire.ctl, but 
instead just to wait until they roll over, and then at the next nightly 
run, remove them from history and overview.

As far as I know, most clients deal with this in a reasonable fashion.  
And after all, you're always going to have some degree of this problem, 
since in the minutes between the newsreader checking for new articles 
and the user deciding which to read, some articles may expire.

But, the "nnrpdcheckart" setting in inn.conf is probably what you're 
looking for :-)

Be warned that it can make the action of checking for new articles 
markedly slower for clients.

Jeffrey M. Vinocur
jeff at

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