Recover inn2 from spool?

Benoit Panizzon panizzon at
Fri Oct 22 08:00:27 UTC 2004

Hi all

I seam to have run into a very nasty problem with inn 2.3.2

Our server had crashed and after comming up again, it started throttling 
because of existing files (well this known problem where the active file has 
not been updated)

So according to the help I found I should delete the history and overview 
fatabases and rebuild them with makehistory -b -F -O.

Now makehistory has run for three whole days and apparently nothing happened.
The spool ist not that large, there are only about 100 Newsgroups on this 

Has anybody an idea how to fix this Server and what could have gone wrong?

innd just hangs right after starting now...


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