Recover inn2 from spool?

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Fri Oct 22 10:17:56 UTC 2004

Benoit Panizzon wrote...

> I seam to have run into a very nasty problem with inn 2.3.2

Consider an upgrade to 2.4.x which is much more robust against crashes.

> Our server had crashed and after comming up again, it started throttling 
> because of existing files (well this known problem where the active file has 
> not been updated)
> So according to the help I found I should delete the history and overview 
> fatabases and rebuild them with makehistory -b -F -O.
> Now makehistory has run for three whole days and apparently nothing happened.
> The spool ist not that large, there are only about 100 Newsgroups on this 
> Server.
> Has anybody an idea how to fix this Server

You are either running tradspool or still have a copy of the old
history? Then you could wipe out everything and refeed from a previously
created backup.

> and what could have gone wrong?

You can spend weeks to find out that. You'd better not waste time for
this - or upgrade.


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