Strange memory leak

Andrew MacLennan apm at
Wed Oct 27 06:40:43 UTC 2004

Hi there,

I've recently upgraded our news architecture, installing two new servers
(Sun V240s, 2Gb RAM on Solaris 8) running INN 2.4.1 to replace our
outdated hardware running INN 2.2

Initially, I had the new servers running alongside the old setup,
receiving a feed from one of the old servers to build up the spools
before we cut over.  However, after going live the boxes have been
chewing up memory like nobody's business and get bogged down, requiring
a reboot after about a week.

Analysis has shown the kernel has been hogging the memory but we've been
unable to locate a cause, and none of our non-INN servers running
Solaris 8 have exhibited this behaviour.  INN itself seems to be
behaving itself, so I'm at a loss to explain what's happening and be
able to resolve it.

I was hoping that someone may be able to offer suggestions or shine some
light on the matter.

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