Strange memory leak

Tommy.Fallsen at Tommy.Fallsen at
Wed Oct 27 07:22:14 UTC 2004

>I've recently upgraded our news architecture, installing two=20
>new servers
>(Sun V240s, 2Gb RAM on Solaris 8) running INN 2.4.1 to replace our
>outdated hardware running INN 2.2
>Initially, I had the new servers running alongside the old setup,
>receiving a feed from one of the old servers to build up the spools
>before we cut over.  However, after going live the boxes have been
>chewing up memory like nobody's business and get bogged down, requiring
>a reboot after about a week.
>Analysis has shown the kernel has been hogging the memory but=20
>we've been
>unable to locate a cause, and none of our non-INN servers running
>Solaris 8 have exhibited this behaviour.  INN itself seems to be
>behaving itself, so I'm at a loss to explain what's happening and be
>able to resolve it.
>I was hoping that someone may be able to offer suggestions or=20
>shine some
>light on the matter.

Output from uname -v and /etc/release would help.=20
Are there significant patch level differences between the other Solaris =
Have you used install check tool to verify the V240 is installed =

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