Trying to do authentication with htpasswd file

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Apr 11 07:03:15 UTC 2005

Jeffrey M Vinocur <jeff at> writes:

> Oh!  Sometimes nnrpd kills the authenticator inappropriately when
> there's some trouble with read() not getting at least a full line at a
> time.  Russ, this came up in a thread called "PATCH: radius: bad_hook
> program caught signal 15" in March 2004, and you were looking at a
> solution.  But I was just looking at that code a week or two ago due to
> somebody else's post (I forget which now) and I think the same problem
> still exists.

This is now *thoroughly* fixed in CURRENT, as I finally got around to
ripping out all of that code and replacing it with something that deals
with the corner cases.

I'm not sure it's worth trying to do more with this in STABLE; the code is
fundamentally wrong in the way that it handles data from the helper
program, and I'm worried that if I rework it wrong, I'll cause infinite
loops instead of just bad error messages.  The right thing to do is
probably to backport the change from CURRENT, although that would be a
fair bit of work.

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