readers.conf Documentation suggestion

Todd Olson tco2 at
Mon Apr 11 16:07:56 UTC 2005


It would be very nice (and would have saved me hours and hours of work)
if a paragraph like the following could appear in the readers.conf(5) man page.

     NOTICE:  If nnrpdauthsender is set in inn.conf, then the user identity
     will be used in building the Sender: header when a message is
     accepted by nnrpd for posting.  There are three cases

           a) user_identity = <user>@<domain>
              The header is    Sender: <user>@<domain>

           b) user_identity = <user>
              The header is    Sender: <user>@<postinghost>

           c) user_identity = < not set>
              The header is    Sender: UNKNOWN@<postinghost>

     CAUTION: If you are using user_identity to implement access controls
     in your news server, then the details be revealed to the world by
     this mechanism.  If this is of concern then rework your controls
     using the 'key:' parameter.

This is for v2.4.2-STABLE-20050315
Yes, some of this information appears scattered through out inn.conf.
It would be very helpful to have it appears in readers.conf as well.

Todd Olson
Cornell University.

PS  I hope to soon post a detailed example that back up the CAUTION.

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