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Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Apr 11 18:29:12 UTC 2005

Todd Olson <tco2 at> writes:

> It would be very nice (and would have saved me hours and hours of work)
> if a paragraph like the following could appear in the readers.conf(5)
> man page.

Er, nnrpdauthsender is a non-standard option, so I would assume that
someone would read the inn.conf documentation for it before turning it
on.  The inn.conf documentation is very explicit about this:

           Whether to generate a Sender: header based on reader authentica-
           tion.  If this parameter is set, a Sender: header will be added to
           local posts containing the identity assigned by readers.conf.; if
           the assigned identity does not include an "@", the reader's host-
           name is used.  If this parameter is set but no identity can be
           assigned, the Sender: header will be removed from all posts even if
           the poster includes one.  This is a boolean value and the default
           is false.

(It's wrong about what happens when there's no identity; I'll fix the
code, since the documented behavior is more useful.)  I'll add a sentence
to readers.conf about this, but five paragraphs duplicating the
documentation already in inn.conf seems like overkill.

> PS  I hope to soon post a detailed example that back up the CAUTION.

That's okay, I don't need an example showing that a feature is working as
intended.  :)

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