innfeed 'discover' and wish list

Todd Olson tco2 at
Thu Apr 21 05:52:57 UTC 2005

Hi Christoph

At 06:54 +0200 2005-04-21, Christoph Biedl wrote:
>Todd Olson wrote...
> > b) I wish that bindaddress worked on a per 'peer' basis because:
>On the other hand you can do virtually all of the things you want to do
>by using a second innfeed master.
>In brief:
>- Find a unique name, I'll choose innfeet.
>- Create a spool directory spool/innfeet
>- Copy innfeed.conf to innfeet.conf
>  Modifications: "pid-file:", "log-file:", "backlog-directory:",
>  "status-file:" and of course "bindaddress:"
>- Clone the innfeed master in etc/newsfeeds to somewhat like
>    innfeet!\
>        :!*\
>        :Tc,Wnm*:/opt/news/feeder/bin/startinnfeed -c innfeet.conf
>- For all feeds that should use the other bind address: Change "innfeed"
>  to innfeet in the newsfeeds file and move their peer entry from
>  innfeed.conf to innfeet.conf.

Thank you Christoph


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