innfeed 'discover' and wish list

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Thu Apr 21 04:54:24 UTC 2005

Todd Olson wrote...

> Wish list
> a) I wish that changing the bindaddress and SIGHUP-ing did cause
> innfeed to change the interface it used.  This would make tweaking a
> configuration at migration time easier.
> b) I wish that bindaddress worked on a per 'peer' basis because:

I don't think it's really difficult to add that feature - innfeed does have
a per-peer configuration so it should be possible to have the global
bindaddresse overwritten. However this requires coding and testing.

On the other hand you can do virtually all of the things you want to do
by using a second innfeed master.

In brief:
- Find a unique name, I'll choose innfeet.
- Create a spool directory spool/innfeet
- Copy innfeed.conf to innfeet.conf
  Modifications: "pid-file:", "log-file:", "backlog-directory:",
  "status-file:" and of course "bindaddress:"
- Clone the innfeed master in etc/newsfeeds to somewhat like
        :Tc,Wnm*:/opt/news/feeder/bin/startinnfeed -c innfeet.conf
- For all feeds that should use the other bind address: Change "innfeed"
  to innfeet in the newsfeeds file and move their peer entry from
  innfeed.conf to innfeet.conf.


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