innfeed 'discover' and wish list

Todd Olson tco2 at
Thu Apr 21 04:04:11 UTC 2005


1) So I have discovered that innfeed's  'bindaddress' only works in the global context,
     not inside the peer block.
     I now understand that the innfeed.conf man page actually says this.
     (thanks to the man page writers  for including this ... even though I failed to understand it)

2) changing the bindaddress and SIGHUP-ing innfeed does NOT cause innfeed
    to switch interfaces.  The only way to switch interfaces seems to be to 
    stop and restart innfeed.
    The innfeed man page seems to claim the contrary
        "If innfeed gets a SIGHUP signal, then  it  will  reread  the
         config   file.   All  values  at  global  scope  except  for
         ``backlog-directory'' can be  changed. [...]"

Wish list
a) I wish that changing the bindaddress and SIGHUP-ing did cause innfeed to change the 
    interface it used.  This would make tweaking a configuration at migration time easier.

b) I wish that bindaddress worked on a per 'peer' basis because:
        a) when you are trying to change the ip address you feed peers from
            not all peers are willing/able to change what they accept on your schedule.
            So being able to feed some peers from one address and others from another
            address is very helpful

         b) in an environment where bytes over the wire are counted and billed by interface
             being able to feed different bytes out different interfaces makes it easier
             to create a system that can be tuned to work with the imposed billing system.

Todd Olson
Cornell University

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