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Russ Allbery rra at
Sun Dec 11 20:06:36 UTC 2005

Kristian Köhntopp <kris at> writes:

> I propose a better, in-band solution and want to hear what you think
> about this. That solution is a NNTP extension, perhaps as an extended
> answer to "MODE STREAM" or as a separate command such as "FEEDPARMS" or
> "FEEDPARMS pattern|max-connections| article-size".

> Upon receiving that command, the downstream server deliers a set of feed
> configuration parameters to the upstream server. The upstream server
> intersects that parameter set with its local configuration and generates
> an effective configuration from this. Thus, a downstream server can
> maintain and control what it is being fed simply by changing its local
> incoming.conf and reloading the configuration. Parameters negotiated
> are:

> - the pattern of newsgroups that is being accepted at downstream 
> ("pattern")
> - the maxmimum number of connections ("max-connections")
> - the maximum article size (to be introduced parameter 
> "articles-size" in incoming.conf).

I've felt for quite a while that this would be a good idea, and at various
points people have worked out different protocols for it.  I think
everyone thinks it would be great and what's missing at this point is just
an implementation.

This would probably be easier to implement in INN if the new configuration
parser were used in more places, since the first thing I'd want to do when
running this on my servers is to put each peer in a separate file and the
new parser could deal with that.  My top priority is 2.4.3 right now, but
after that maybe I'll have time to get back to that work.

In the meantime, code is definitely welcome and I'm happy to commit
implementations of this sort of thing to CURRENT for testing if they look

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