write(...) to stats file: -1 EFBIG (File too large)

Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Sun Dec 11 20:08:54 UTC 2005

Sylvain Robitaille <syl at alcor.concordia.ca> writes:

> The last lines in my trace output are as follows:

> write(17, "@05000000054300048E330000000000000000@ 3230 feed.peer.edu \n",
>     63) = -1 EFBIG (File too large)
> --- SIGXFSZ (File size limit exceeded) @ 0 (0) ---

> Another quick check showed that file descriptor 17 was the
> /news/log/stats file, and sure enough, the file had grown to be 2GB in
> size!  (in fact its time stamp is how I know when this problem started.)

There was lots of discussion of this back when the original message was
sent, but just for the record, the first thing to look at would be what
/news/log/stats is and why it's not getting rotated or cleared out
occasionally.  :)  That's not a standard INN log file.

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