server crash

Lisa Ungar lungar at
Thu Feb 3 19:45:39 UTC 2005

We did have a crash on our news servers, so INN (version 2.3 )didn't 
shutdown gracefully.

On one of the servers (master) we had the active file out of of synch with 
the overview (had the file exists and can't store file error) and was able 
to repair this.

The other server (slave server), the overview and active files were not 
corrupt, but we have bad_history error.

It can't locate the article.   I ran grephistory on both boxes for a 
particular post.  The server with the bad_history sent back a message 
/dev/null.  The other server came back with the token as expect.  I ran 
the sm -i command on the token and found where the article was located

I checked the overview.DAT and also the article spool on the slave server 
and it exists.

We have run makehistory -a -b and it didn't fixed the bad_history error.

We think that the dbz indexes might be having problems?  Any suggestions 
on how to proceed?

Thanks for your help,


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