strange behavior with articles numbers after a rebuild of the overview using 2.3.3

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at
Wed Feb 9 17:38:29 UTC 2005

Lisa Ungar wrote...

> Hi,
> We had to run makehistory -x -O -F command to rebuild the overview files 
> on the news server.
> There were errors in the log
> Feb  9 05:22:48 w3pilot1b makehistory[8893]: tradindexed: packgroup cant 
> write t
> o 
> /usr/local/news/spool/overview/f/s/z/
> op-NEW.IDX: No such file or directory

Strange enough. The directory exists and there's enough spaces/inodes?

> For some of  the articles inside the newsreader :  the article numbers are 
> off.  If I ask for article 2115, I get an article with an Xref header 
> 2116.
> Has anyone seen this behavior before?

Oh yes :-(

> Any suggestions?

Restart from scratch. Wipe out spool, history, and overview. 

Sorry for these hards words but 2.3.x crash recovery _never_ succeeded
for me, makehistory and the like were just a huge waste of time.
If you want to preserve the spool: That is possible, feel free to ask
for instructions.

And: Upgrade to 2.4.x ASAP.


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