Solaris and the "news" user

Bill Sellers w.a.sellers at
Thu Feb 10 20:57:07 UTC 2005

Another point we may want to address is the configuration of the news user 
account on Solaris.  It appears that Sun has altered the behavior in 
Solaris 8 (with patches), Solaris 9 and 10 of locked user accounts.  Sun 
makes a distinction of non-login accounts (NP) and locked accounts 
(*LK*).  If someone configures the news user to have a locked account 
(*LK*), then the news.daily will not run in cron.  The options are to have 
a real password, or to use NP.

If the news account is not normally used for interactive logins, then in 
/etc/shadow on Solaris, we need:


Can we add a warning to the INSTALL file and to the FAQ about this issue?



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