Message Cancel Problem

K Anand kanand at
Thu Feb 17 04:06:22 UTC 2005

> On Feb 16, 2005, at 1:30 AM, K Anand wrote:
> > I'm running inn-2.3.2 on a RH EL machine...It's been setup basically
> > as an intranet news server only for internal news. No feeds come in
> > nor do any feeds go to other servers. only users can post and view
> > news. I'm having a problem. When I'm cancelling messages either from
> > the news reader's Cancel button or by ctlinnd command, the message
> > still appears in the news reader even after synchronising ( I have
> > used Outlook Express as my news reader). Can anyone guide me why this
> > is happening ?
> Is the message still visible if you use "grephistory" to convert
> Message-ID into an SM token, and then "sm" to retrieve the article with
> the token?
> If yes, then this is an INN issue.  If no, then it's something with
> Outlook Express and you'll have to find a forum where people know about
> that program.

No..The message is not showing when I checked ..I got a 'Could not retrieve
'...So this is not an INN issue ?

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