overview problems

Pavel V. Knyazev pasha at surnet.ru
Mon Feb 21 12:05:12 UTC 2005


After upgrading of OS to the latest release i rebuilt overview and history 

Now what do i see:
1) i'm going to run out of overview space (it was 75% before)
2) 22994192 < 18333223 (why? i thought it was a number of articles currently 
stored on a server)
3) after stopping innd and innfeed (bin/rc.news stop) i still have 146 Megs 
of active memory pages

What does this all mean?

4:55pm image:~> inndf -no
22994192 overview records stored
94% overview space used
4:55pm image:~> wc -l /news/db/history
 18333223 /news/db/history
4:56pm image:~> top | head -5 | tail -2
Mem: 146M Active, 250M Inact, 84M Wired, 20M Cache, 61M Buf, 1076K Free
Swap: 512M Total, 148K Used, 512M Free
4:57pm image:~>

P.S. FreeBSD 4.11-REL, INN 2.4.3 (20050216 prerelease).

Pavel V. Knyazev

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