overview problems

Bill Sellers w.a.sellers at larc.nasa.gov
Wed Feb 23 22:23:31 UTC 2005

I'm just taking a stab at this.

Looking at the man page for inndf, in the section with the option for -n, 
it states that this option reports the number of records in the overview 
database, which includes one record for each crosspost.  The history file 
man page states that you will get one entry for each article in the news 
system.  Since a single article can have many crossposts, it makes sense 
that the overview can be larger than the history.


At 07:05 AM 2/21/2005, Pavel V. Knyazev wrote:
>After upgrading of OS to the latest release i rebuilt overview and history
>Now what do i see:
>1) i'm going to run out of overview space (it was 75% before)
>2) 22994192 < 18333223 (why? i thought it was a number of articles currently
>stored on a server)
>3) after stopping innd and innfeed (bin/rc.news stop) i still have 146 Megs
>of active memory pages
>What does this all mean?
>4:55pm image:~> inndf -no
>22994192 overview records stored
>94% overview space used
>4:55pm image:~> wc -l /news/db/history
>  18333223 /news/db/history
>4:56pm image:~> top | head -5 | tail -2
>Mem: 146M Active, 250M Inact, 84M Wired, 20M Cache, 61M Buf, 1076K Free
>Swap: 512M Total, 148K Used, 512M Free
>4:57pm image:~>
>P.S. FreeBSD 4.11-REL, INN 2.4.3 (20050216 prerelease).
>Pavel V. Knyazev

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