innfeed 'discover' and wish list

Russ Allbery rra at
Mon Jul 4 21:08:21 UTC 2005

Todd Olson <tco2 at> writes:

> 2) changing the bindaddress and SIGHUP-ing innfeed does NOT cause
> innfeed to switch interfaces.  The only way to switch interfaces seems
> to be to stop and restart innfeed.  The innfeed man page seems to claim
> the contrary
>         "If innfeed gets a SIGHUP signal, then  it  will  reread  the
>          config   file.   All  values  at  global  scope  except  for
>          ``backlog-directory'' can be  changed. [...]"

I looked over this code, and I'm pretty sure that the re-read
configuration file will indeed change the bind address for any *new*
connections.  It doesn't, however, cause existing connections to be closed
and re-opened.

> b) I wish that bindaddress worked on a per 'peer' basis because:

I've added this to TODO, but don't have the time to work on implementing
this change just at the moment.

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