nnrpdcheckart speedup possible?

Lars Magne Ingebrigtsen larsi at gnus.org
Fri Jul 15 21:01:18 UTC 2005

Russ Allbery <rra at stanford.edu> writes:

> I'm curious in part because we're going through an endless series of
> crappy web board software that doesn't integrate with anything around
> here, and I really want to show them how messaging can be done, with
> something that puts the same content out via NNTP, RSS, web boards,
> e-mail lists, and IMAP.  And Gmane seems to mostly do what I want, except
> for the authorization parts, so it's very tempting to look at it and think
> about running a local instance....

The Gmane software is, unfortunately, very, very far from being a
turn-key solution.  It's more a collection of software being
gaffa-taped together.  I mean, the admin interface is an Emacs mode
talking to a CVS server, for instance.  :-)

Having a One Message System To Rule Them All is the ultimate goal,
though.  Having a system where the user is free to choose the most
convenient way to interact doesn't seem like it should be too much to
ask, but it seems like web board authors don't think along those
lines at all.

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