tinyleaf miniature transit news server

Christoph Biedl cbiedl at gmx.de
Sun Jun 5 20:07:57 UTC 2005

Russ Allbery wrote...

> Christoph Biedl <cbiedl at gmx.de> writes:

> > Is it possible to backport tinyleaf to 2.4.2?

> It's probably easier to just build the binary from CURRENT; it doesn't use
> inn.conf or anything and is completely stand-alone.

Ups, how simple. Static binaries. I didn't know such things still happen.

> Sigh, I had a bunch of stupid mistakes left over from having changed the
> API on myself a few times.  Now fixed in CVS.

Now I finally found the time to play with tinyleaf again and ran into
another issue: An innfeed cannot transmit articles:

| innfeed[23498]: tinyleaf:0 cxnsleep response format: \
|                 tinyfeed: starting 200 tinyfeed ready

The greeting is garbled due to
|    notice("starting");
[ l.251 ]
which is printed to stderr according to strace. Adding an "2>/dev/null"
in the right place solves the problem - but do things work as intended?


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