[OT] Re: Disabling (part of the) timers ?

Bill Tangren bjt at aa.usno.navy.mil
Wed Jun 8 19:28:55 UTC 2005

Russ Allbery wrote:
> Bill Tangren <bjt at aa.usno.navy.mil> writes:
>>I am subscribed to several lists, and this is the only one for which
>>hitting the 'Reply' button causes you to reply to the sender, not to the
>>list. I have to hit the 'Reply All' button and delete the senders email
>>address to send email correctly to this list.
>>Is there anyone reading this who can correct this?
> See:
>     <http://www.unicom.com/pw/reply-to-harmful.html>
> for the reason why the list is not configured that way.  I'm a curmudgeon
> on this score -- I think people should get better software that
> understands the concept of replying to the list, rather than overloading
> the Reply-To header and making personal replies impossible for a client
> that honors it properly.
> Having been bitten many, many times in the past by the broken behavior of
> mail clients that see fit to override Reply-To and send mail to the From
> address against the mail standards, I have strong feelings about that.
> That being said, really, the best solution is to have setting Reply-To be
> a per-subscriber setting rather than a per-list setting.  I'm pretty sure
> Ecartis doesn't support that; I'm not sure if Mailman does.

I read this document, and I disagree with much of the premise. All I can 
say is, from now on, I will be using the  "Reply All" button (which I 
guess is the equivalent of the 'g' button in the article, and the OP 
will be getting two copies of my reply. Thanks for posting the link.

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