Alternative to perl_access and python_access?

Felix E. Klee felix.klee at
Mon Jun 13 09:45:57 UTC 2005

At Sun, 12 Jun 2005 23:20:40 -0700,
Todd Olson wrote:
> There is a hack that might do what you want.
> Configure nnrpd to always
>    a) run an external authenticator
> and then
>    b) run an *_access script
> Have the external authenticator do all the work, perhaps including
> computing the desired news group access permissions .. and then
> write it to a file on disk.
> Then have the *_access script read that file and do what it says.

Thanks for pointing out this very simple but powerful solution. :-)

> NOTE: that you have to develop a naming scheme that permits the *_access
>       script to know what file to look for.  

I could simply use files named according to the username in question.
Of course one needs to take care that a file is not being read while
being written, but there's a simple solution for that: Write to a
temporary file and move it to the destination file.

Felix E. Klee

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