Expire help

K Anand kanand at sail-steel.com
Tue Jun 28 04:11:48 UTC 2005

Thanx...I checked rnews in /usr/bin ...it was setuid to uucp..jsut now
changed it back to news:news...Will check the logs tomorrow.


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> K Anand <kanand at sail-steel.com> writes:
> > I'm using INN inn-2.3.2-5..from RedHat  Advanced Server release
> > I had put
> > 15 0 * * * news /usr/bin/news.daily expireover lowmark delayrm in my
> > crontab....The entries are coming from the cron script that is
> > think..
> > Because at that time, nothing else runs..
> > BTW, I use rnews only for WebStump..and that does'nt do anything at
12:00 in
> > the night
> news.daily runs rnews -U to pick up any stray articles.
> You have a permissions problem.  You need to fix it by ensuring that the
> user rnews is running as has write access to the spool/incoming directory.
> Then the error messages will go away and everything will be happy.
> One thing to check is to see if rnews is setuid to some user like uucp, in
> which case you need to either make sure that spool/incoming is
> group-writable by group news or turn off the (pointless unless you use
> UUCP) setuid bit on rnews.  Newer versions of INN don't do this any more
> unless you explicitly request it.
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