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Russ Allbery rra at stanford.edu
Tue Jun 28 03:59:20 UTC 2005

K Anand <kanand at sail-steel.com> writes:

> I'm using INN inn-2.3.2-5..from RedHat  Advanced Server release 2.1AS/i686.
> I had put

> 15 0 * * * news /usr/bin/news.daily expireover lowmark delayrm in my
> crontab....The entries are coming from the cron script that is running..I
> think..
> Because at that time, nothing else runs..
> BTW, I use rnews only for WebStump..and that does'nt do anything at 12:00 in
> the night

news.daily runs rnews -U to pick up any stray articles.

You have a permissions problem.  You need to fix it by ensuring that the
user rnews is running as has write access to the spool/incoming directory.
Then the error messages will go away and everything will be happy.

One thing to check is to see if rnews is setuid to some user like uucp, in
which case you need to either make sure that spool/incoming is
group-writable by group news or turn off the (pointless unless you use
UUCP) setuid bit on rnews.  Newer versions of INN don't do this any more
unless you explicitly request it.

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