all tradspool messages unavailable after makehistory

Russ Allbery rra at
Wed Jun 29 22:10:49 UTC 2005

Jarle Aase <jgaa at> writes:

> I found one error in storage.conf (one class-id was used in two cycbuff
> entries) and reran makehistory. The messages in tradspool are still
> missing.

> storage.conf cannot be all bad, because new messages to the groups using
> tradspool appears ok, and are stored in the tradspool dirs, along with
> the lost messages.

Well, this part of the code is very simple.  The only time that it's
possible to get that message is if the storage subsystem either cannot
figure out what storage mechanism to store that article into or if, after
it determines that, it gets back an answer that isn't tradspool.  There
are only a very few things that could cause this problem: corrupted Xref
or Newsgroups headers (depending on whether you have storeonxref set to
true) in the article, a bad storage.conf, or a storage.conf that doesn't
actually assign that article to tradspool.

> Is there any other way to teach inn about these messages?

The articles have to be in history for retrieval by message ID to work.
If the articles also can't be retrieved by number, that means that
overview also has the wrong storage API token for the articles and
probably also has to be rebuilt.  The latter is definitely not a normal
problem that I would expect to occur after having to rebuild history; I
think there's something more fundamental wrong here.

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