using readers.conf to force nnrpd to send 480

Russ Allbery rra at
Tue Mar 8 22:56:51 UTC 2005

Todd Olson <tco2 at> writes:

> Is the following possible with current INN

> - assume a client has successfully obtained readonly permissions
>   to my news server

> - Now they try to post

> QUESTION:  Is there a way to make nnrpd return 480 rather than 440  ??

It should (which doesn't mean it *does*) do this if the user has not
already authenticated.  If the user has already authenticated, then the
regular failure codes are returned.  Alas, a quick perusal of the code
reveals that it doesn't do this properly in 2.4 or CURRENT.  I'll fix this
in CVS (it's a straighforward fix), so at least it will be in the next

"Has not authenticated" in this context means that the user's auth block
contains an auth: key, but the user has not yet issued an AUTHINFO

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