Proposal: Re: Bug in building, using auth_krb5

Todd Olson tco2 at
Wed Mar 16 17:51:57 UTC 2005


Here is an update on the problem I described yesterday,
along with proposals for 'fixing' it.

At 13:41 -0500 2005-03-15, Todd Olson wrote:
>in v2.4.1
>The configure option
>       --with-kerberos=PATH
>does not work. 

Last night I examined the following three versions of INN

Case 1: The problem exists in both inn-2.4.2  and   inn-STABLE-20050315

Case 2: The problem has been partially fixed in  inn-CURRENT-20050315
           (In fact the output of  the --help option of configure
           (is MUCH enhanced.  Kudos and thanks! to who ever did that.
           (It makes life much easier.

Proposal 1:
In the first case it would be nice if the problem could be addresses
by adding something like the following to the INSTALL document
in   inn-STABLE-....

     If you plan on building INN with kerberos5 support you must
     include the following in the arguments ./configure

         --with-kerberos=PATH  LDFLAGS=-LPATH/lib  CCFLAGS=-IPATH/include

Proposal 2:
In both the first and second case it would be nice if documentation
on auth_krb5 could be added ... and perhaps even a simple shell script

     If you plan on using auth_krb5 and your kerberos5 libraries are
     in a non standard place that the linker/loader does not ordinarily search
     then you should place the following shell script in bin/auth/passwd

         LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/full/path/to/kerberos5/lib_dir  export LD_LIBRARY_PATH
         exec  /full/path/to/auth_krb5

     Then you should mention this this script in readers.conf
     on the auth: line rather than auth_krb5 directly.

     The LD_LIBRARY_PATH above is specific to solaris ... your operating
     system may be different.  The key is to tell the system where to
     find the kerberos5 libaries so that when it loads auth_krb5
     it can find and load what it needs.

     The reason you can not set LD_LIBRARY_PATH in the environment
     before running to start innd is that the inn systems
     clean their environments before proceeding, so that by the
     time we have done  inndstart -> innd -> nnrpd
     the LD_LIBRARY_PATH has been removed from the environment
     and so the launch of auth_krb5 fails

Todd Olson


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