"cnfsstat -a" keeps me waiting...

Thomas Hühn huehn-ml at arcor.de
Sat Oct 1 21:24:46 UTC 2005

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I'm currently setting up a new INN server and I have encountered something

"cnfsstat" gives me (I show just one of the classes):

Class DE  for groups matching "de.*"
 Buffer DE, size:  1.95 GBytes, position:   756 kBytes  0.00 cycles
  Newest: 2005-10-01 23:18:27,    0 days,  0:01:18 ago

But "cnfsstat -a" hangs at:

Class DE  for groups matching "de.*"

Do you have an idea whats going on? Do I have to have more articles in my
buffers (I have very few right now)?


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