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Mon Apr 24 04:11:57 UTC 2006

Forrest J. Cavalier III wrote:

>Gary Lopez wrote:
>>	I have searched the archives and the web in vain. Maybe someone here 
>>can help me. We recently had our newsgroup server stolen and all the 
>>information is gone.
>>	Luckily there are some replicas of the information we had in the 
>>newsgroup in personal e-mail accounts. Some of these e-mails date back 
>>to 2002. The person has over 15,000 e-mails in their Microsoft Outlook 
>>folder. We can copy the folder but how can I get these messages back 
>>into the newsgroup while maintaining the date-stamp? Does anyone know of 
>>a tool or script that can do this? I can even change the file to a 
>>thunderbird file if I needed to, but can I get this one file to be read 
>>into the newsgroup?
>>Any suggestions or questions to help me solve this are welcome.
>I think most people would probably say "oh well", but this must have some pretty
>high value to you when it is available from a newsserver.
>Did you consider software to reformat the mailboxes into rnews batch format?
>Changing to a thunderbird/mbox format is a good first step, I think, but that
>is not all you must do.  See the documentation for rnuews
>I don't know what is in the emails.  Recovering article number assignments might 
>be impossible.  You must be careful in how the dates come across if you want 
>them preserved and that INN does not reject as being too old.
Actually I have a pretty good script for taking the content of a UNIX 
mailbox file and turning it into nntp, I'd have to dig it out because 
the hacking needing it is dead, but I do have backups. There's a 
contributed tool with INN source, I believe, and a few more will 
probably pop out of google.

If you want things to thread right you have to identify several things 
mail uses for replies, like In-Reply-To and 1-2 others.

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