Validate history file contents.

Christiaan den Besten chris at
Fri Apr 28 13:04:27 UTC 2006


> I understand correctly your storade ist tradspool?

Sorry, the overview storage method is tradindexed. But the spool storage
is cnfs.

Articles -are- flushed from the overview. I can only get headers from
articles up-to 90 days ... offcourse, they are not realy flushed from the
cnfs, because of its rotating nature.
> For reasons I forgot tradspool and "groupbaseexpiry: true" don't go
> together. Set it to false, review expire.ctl and try another expire run.

> See the history file and the manpage for history. There's no magic with
> it. And: If you're really using tradspool, just browse the directories.
> PS: No need to Cc: me, I read the list :)

Ok, no problem :)


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