expire doesn't expire, what have I done wrong - any ideas?

zakina at nz.bluescopesteel.com zakina at nz.bluescopesteel.com
Wed Feb 8 00:49:43 UTC 2006

back in November I installed INN 2.4.2 on RH3.0 ES and started a new 
spool with a subset of groups using newsx to get articles.

I set up expire.ctl as :-

##  Keep for 1-10 days, allow Expires headers to work.  This entry 
##  the syntax appropriate when groupbaseexpiry is true in inn.conf.

##  Keep for 1-10 days, allow Expires headers to work.  This is an 
##  based on storage class, used when groupbaseexpiry is false.
# get rid of alt.* as it is not imported at all


# These groups have 5 times as much traffic as anything else
I set Article storage in inn.conf to 
# Article Storage

cnfscheckfudgesize:     0
enableoverview:         true
groupbaseexpiry:        true
mergetogroups:          false
overcachesize:          15
storeonxref:            true
useoverchan:            false
wireformat:             false
xrefslave:              false
nfswriter:              false
and used the tradspool method of storage.

The expire process has never really expired any articles in the 
numbers I would expect, ocaasionally 1or 2 articles but not the 
hundreds or thousands I would expect on a daily basis. A check of 
history shows articles still being retained from back in Nov 2005 
when the spool started.
[news:netman:db]$head -1 history
[37EBC6568827468F367D9DDD0E65E1BC]      1131556462~-~1131527412 
[news:netman:db]$sm @05000000002700003EBC0000000000000000@ |grep Date
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 09:10:12 GMT
NNTP-Posting-Date: Wed, 09 Nov 2005 02:10:12 MST

I run news.daily every day from cron
0 1 * * * /usr/local/news/bin/news.daily delayrm expireover
A sample of the output from this is
expireover start Wed Feb  8 13:04:21 NZDT 2006: ( -z 
    Article lines processed     6976
    Articles dropped               0
    Overview index dropped         0
expireover end Wed Feb  8 13:04:23 NZDT 2006
expire begin Wed Feb  8 13:04:53 NZDT 2006: (-v 5 
    Article lines processed   187400
    Articles retained         187400
    Entries expired                0
expire end Wed Feb  8 13:04:58 NZDT 2006
        all done Wed Feb  8 13:04:58 NZDT 2006

Can anyone suggest what I might have missed or misconfigured that is 
preventing expire from getting rid of these old articles.

I previously had been running an older version of INN  on older 
hardware and RH 6.0 and it worked great. 
The INN software upgrade coincided with hardware and OS upgrade.


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